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2007 Couch Potato Football League







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Scores and Standings

Jon is starting MIA QB Cleo Lemon as Trent Green and Jake Delhomme are both OUT in week 6.

Dan is starting ARI QB Kurt Warner as Matt Leinart is OUT and Peyton Manning is on bye.

Steve is starting T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Greg Jennings and Brandon Jones at REC. If Jones does not play he will use Roydell Williams as Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark and Calvin Johnson are all on bye. UPDATE: Jones did not play, Williams did play but did not score any fantasy points.

Wayne won on a tiebreaker with 55 potential points to Duane's 35.

Steve and Brian ended in a tie both having 37 potential points.
Weekly Scores
1. Jon's Fall Guys 46 4. Phillips' Phantoms 7
2. Moneymakers 53 3. Astrup's Aces 16
5. Wayne's Wonders 36 9. Dahli's Llamas 35
6. Boo Crew 37 8. Brian's Blimps 37
7. LeRoy's Bandits 29 10. Charlies Angels 74
2007 Couch Potato Football League Standings after 2007 Week #6
    Pts Pts   Wkly  
Team W L T For Ag Strk Highs Kitty
2. Moneymakers 6 0 0 295 153 6W 3 37.20
6. Boo Crew 4 1 1 198 185 1T 0 -3.00
10. Charlies Angels 4 2 0 244 182 3W 2 25.80
5. Wayne's Wonders 4 2 0 232 217 1W 0 -1.90
1. Jon's Fall Guys 3 2 1 206 161 2W 1 8.60
8. Brian's Blimps 3 2 1 185 208 1T 0 -4.70
3. Astrup's Aces 2 4 0 200 216 2L 0 -5.50
9. Dahli's Llamas 1 5 0 168 208 2L 0 -5.60
4. Phillips' Phantoms 1 5 0 133 198 3L 0 -7.60
7. LeRoy's Bandits 0 5 1 146 279 3L 0 -13.30
Next Week's Fantasy Schedule
1. Jon's Fall Guys at 3. Astrup's Aces
2. Moneymakers at 10. Charlies Angels
4. Phillips' Phantoms at 9. Dahli's Llamas
5. Wayne's Wonders at 8. Brian's Blimps
6. Boo Crew at 7. LeRoy's Bandits
Week #6 NFL Schedule
Away   Home Date Time
Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets Sunday 1:00p
Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers Sunday 1:00p
St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens Sunday 1:00p
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Sunday 1:00p
Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday 1:00p
Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns Sunday 1:00p
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday 1:00p
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs Sunday 1:00p
Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals Sunday 4:05p
New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys Sunday 4:15p
Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Sunday 4:15p
New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks Sunday 8:15p
New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons Monday 8:30p
Bye Teams
Detroit Lions   Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos   Buffalo Bills
San Francisco 49ers   Indianapolis Colts
Week #7 NFL Schedule
Away   Home Date Time
Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills Sunday 1:00p
Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins Sunday 1:00p
San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants Sunday 1:00p
Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys Sunday 1:00p
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions Sunday 1:00p
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Sunday 1:00p
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Sunday 1:00p
Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Sunday 1:00p
New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals Sunday 4:05p
Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Sunday 4:05p
St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks Sunday 4:15p
Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles Sunday 4:15p
Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Sunday 8:15p
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars Monday 1:00p
Bye Teams
Cleveland Browns   Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers   San Diego Chargers
Current Week's Transactions
4. Phillips' Phantoms Dropped WR RANDLE EL,ANTWAAN (WAS)  
1. Jon's Fall Guys Picked Up QB LEMON,CLEO (MIA)  
3. Astrup's Aces Picked Up QB WARNER,KURT (ARI)